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A Soothing Art Mantra for Creative Inspiration

We are delighted to feature an inspiring Art Mantra from the talented Canadian artist and storyteller Darleen Wong. She uses the dragonfly throughout her creative work – a perfect symbol of ‘Freedom’ for the womenPsyche platform.

An Art Mantra

Her dragonfly spirit guides the mission ‘Libellule en LIBERTÉ’ with unconditional love.

And ‘Darling’ is the voice that translates the mission into words whispered slowly, softly and sensually.

I created the art mantra to help myself become present when I create art.

It’s short but soothing.

An Artful Message

Her life is a balance.

Dragonfly is Yang energy

Dragonfly wants everyone to do art as a means to liberate freedom of creative and emotional expression.

Her magic wand, the paintbrush, has the capabilities to move people towards finding peace and community.

Darling is Yin energy

Darling wants everyone to shut up and listen because her voice is quiet and the message is extremely important!

Rest. Pause. Slow down or stop.

Time to Slow Down

In Darlings Private Boudoir, rest is always in your best interest.

Every week I perform live impromptu poetry and storytelling with an authentic bratty, sexy, kinky and attractive personality.

My super weapon is red lipstick – it helps with confidence.

womenPsyche loves the energy and messages Darleen creates, and we hope they inspire those of you who need to find your life mantra.

Artist and storyteller, Darleen Wong was born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. She promotes rest and art 24/7. Meet her for a seductive story time on Instagram @darleenwong_ or an abundance of creative projects for all ages and enchanted settings @libelluleenliberte

Instagram – @darleenwong_ / @libelluleenliberte
YouTube – @libelluleenliberte
Spotify Playlist – Hello Darlings