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About womenPsyche

womenPsyche covers financial independence, personal freedom and life and style matters for women. The website aims to provide unique perspectives, helpful discussions and information on crucial ingredients for a contended life.

Our writing often addresses mindset or “psyche,” providing fresh outlooks on life, plus solutions for those seeking assistance to change their life direction or circumstances.

womenPsyche aims to support women to achieve Freedom, Independence & Contented Living through our no-nonsense articles and supportive resources.

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Our Founders

Founder & Editor

Jennifer grew up in Melbourne, Australia however she left the ‘Seven Times Most Livable City’ and lives and works in the largest country in the world – India.

After graduating with an Applied Science degree in Public Health and Health Promotion from Melbourne’s Deakin University in 1997, she was lucky to be mentored in her first job in medical education publishing by a highly reputed and influential Emeritus Professor and MD.

Jennifer has amassed two decades of professional experience across two countries. She has worked in domains such as medical education for doctors, international graduate career training, real estate, events and marketing, to name a few.

Her extensive life and international experiences include an in-depth understanding of immigration and the life ahead for permanent and temporary migrants. Along with a life-changing reboot abroad in midlife, her experience drives her to live a ‘second chance’ life with a fresh mindset and ‘psyche.’

Jennifer is the author of the ‘Personal Disaster’ book series, where she outlines a simple, solutions-based concept for those who face life crises and are (seriously) stuck and without assistance.

Volume 1 – Life Crisis
Volume 2 – Financial Crisis (Coming Soon)
Special Edition – Immigration Guide (Coming Soon)

She founded womenPsyche to inspire Freedom, Independence and Contented Lives for all those women searching for more…

(Jennifer is also the co-founder of our partner website – menPsyche).


Harsh is the co-founder of womenPsyche and the Founder of our partner website – menPsyche.
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